The 2904

Probably the best current-day Cannonball Run

The 2904 is defined as a "transcontinental motorized vehicular tournament of efficiency and endurance". Translated, this means it is a cross-country car race.

2904 is the original route length in miles, from New York City to San Francisco.

2904 is also the number of dollars that teams can spend on their car, and all expenses to get them from one side of the country to the other.

The anonymous mastermind behind the event was inspired by Brock Yate's book Cannonball! and another budget endurance racing event (24 Hours of LeMons), and also having read about people – in his words, trust fund babies with scarves – spending all sorts of money on breaking the Cannonball record using super cars and spotter plains.

Top Gear magazine ran in 2008 and even Ed Boilan, who holds the current Cannonball record, entered and won in 2015 using a $1,500 Mercedes S55 AMG.

Head on over to the official website for the event and also read more on Ed Bolian's blog.