Ford XE Falcon

Driven by Peter Pearce, Geoff ? and Gary Colton

Car no.
Peter Pearce, Geoff ?, Gary Colton
Ford XE Falcon sedan
? (VIC)
17th – 36h 19m 49s

Not much is know about this team.

It is thought that the car used was a rental car. It was a Ford Falcon with 6-cylinder engine.

Where interviewed after the race, one of the team said they had no mechanical problems during the race and didn't even carry any spares.

He said that at the start they doubled-back and went across to the Ballarat Highway and took the back way to Ouyen. From there they just followed the main roads.

He also said they would compete again next year, and drive a bit harder next time.

At the second checkpoint they said they had been stopped by police, and were told they hadn't done anything wrong but were being stopped for a vehicle check. They lost 20 minutes as a result.

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